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A boutique devoted to unique vintage furniture and exclusive artisanal goods.

We are open from 10.30 am to 7 pm (6 pm Sat.). On Mondays we are closed.
You find us at Plobenhofstraße 1, 90403 Nürnberg, Germany.
For any questions or request, please send a mail to,
or give us a call: +49 (0) 911 237 730.

FOUND. by Markus

Hunting and gathering.
Or searching and finding like a truffle pig are the powers that fuel me. It is the hidden and undiscovered things that are my passion. Nothing makes me more excited than to track something down. Famous designers or manufacturers were never as important to me as the special aura and the peculiarity of an old piece of furniture or a vintage lamp.
I always search for myself. A piece that touches me always is a piece that belongs in my shop. The place that is my true home. An intimous place, in which I want to be surrounded only by things that excite me. Selling one of those special pieces is like giving away a piece of myself.

A couple of years ago I found an armchair that stroke me like nothing had ever before. I did not know where it came from and who designed it. But it had the most perfect shape I had ever seen. I was searching for it so intensively that I was able to track down a couple more of them. With a lot of intuition, the skills of my upholsterer and the best fabric to be found, we managed to revitalize these pieces. Meanwhile I know that they were Fritz Neth armchairs, that have become extremely popular in Germany.

My passion for finding special things is closely connected with the search for quality. Whether it is the shape or the material. It is especially the quality that has to satisfy me. When you go on an expedition with this requirement, you do not only find old hidden treasures but also wonderful pieces of art hand-made today almost in secrecy. Small manufactories or one-man-shows that make something that I most definitely need.

I am always excited by the story behind each piece. Like that of the old armchair, that had been waiting in the basement for decades for a new life. Or that of the new jewellery designer, who makes something I have never seen before. 

I gather all these things because it is my passion to do so.

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Neri Firenze

If you are, like myself, a person extremely influenced by haptics, and if you are on top of that searching for nativeness and traditional arts and crafts, you will most definitely be captivated by Neri Firenze by Raphaela Hermes. It is a feeling of “I finally found what I was looking for” that captures you as soon as you hold a piece of her leather goods or cashmere knitwear in your hands. It is the substance of her products and the density of authenticity, quality, fine raw material and workmanship, which you immediately see and feel.

Raphaela has been living and working in Florence, Italy since 1999. In 2005 she founded her own label called “Neri Firenze” under which she has created a collection of leather goods and cashmere knitwear independent of any fashion trends, handcrafted by selected, long-established family businesses in the Florence region. Her focus is on arts and crafts, which you can identify in each of her pieces. Many of them are being produced in a way the respective family or the respective handicraft business has perfected over generations. Many in a way that you hardly find anymore because there is nobody left who knows how to do it or because it is a forgotten skill. The thistle-treated 12 to 18 ply Mongolian cashmere wick yarn, which she uses for her men´s and women´s knitwear, is manufactured so elaborately, that there are only a handful of businesses left in Italy, which are able to convert it and have the necessary skills to work with such type of yarn. Touching it is addictive. You immediately feel you are holding something genuinely special in your hand.

For her leather goods she uses “Vachetta” – a Tuscan tanned leather from female cattle, which is being processed Tuscan style in barrels solely with vegetable oil and pigments without any chemical ingredients.The result is a thick, soft leather in natural colours, which feels the way leather is supposed to feel and gets even more beautiful with time. Something you only find today in old leather goods.

One of her first products I ever offered in my shop was the manicure set. As a memory of Raphaela´s hometown Solingen it is not only beautiful and what you could call a palm stone. On the inside it is also what you expect from a good manicure set with instruments made by Niegeloh.

Neri Firenze to me stands for substance and authenticity. No concessions are made in places you might not see. In detail it lives up to what it promises on the whole.
I have become increasingly cautious with the expression “made to last for a lifetime”. In this case it might well be true.

Neri Firenze 1/ 13

17 Stephanie Schneider

„It is eternity for the present and patience for the ephemeral. It is details for the minimalist and nostalgia for the stoic.“

When I first saw Stephanie´s jewellery it was like a kick-start for me to open my business to something that is not vintage or old. I absolutely wanted to have this jewellery, because it was so surprisingly different. I had not seen anything similar before. When I placed my first order with Stephanie it became clear to me that it is all about unconditional conviction towards a product and not about the question if something is vintage or not when it comes to deciding if something will be sold in my store. If you are looking for uniqueness, you cannot stick to a fixed period of time.

The cooperation with Stephanie has since been very dear to me. It is a kind of jewellery, you cannot go looking for. You only know you want something different from what you would conventionally associate with jewellery. And then you run into her products. Small works of art, which call for  your attention in a quiet yet confident way. Especially her bracelets, the beauty of which is  reduced to the material itself, with black, grey and fawn mohair, have become an important part of my jewellery portfolio. They are haptic and sensual pieces of art, which caress the skin of their owners like a perfectly fitting garment.

Silver chains, silk and mohair are the types of material that Stephanie has been working with for years. This full-blown consequence in the use of a certain material and their simultaneous contrariness turn her jewellery into something perfectly contradictory.  I cannot think of a more skillful way to combine cold metal and soft natural fibres. The work of her friend Haleh Redjaian, a Berlin based artist, or the patterns of traditional African textiles equally serve as an inspiration for new designs and weaving techniques.

The story of her life is justs as oppositional as the material Stephanie uses for her jewellery. Grown up in the Bavarian region "Allgäu", she now lives in Berlin. She graduated from the advanced technical college in Reutlingen in fashion and textile design and the Winchester School of Art. After that she worked as an Assistant Designer for Jurgi Persoons in Antwerp and for Hussein Chalayan in London. From 2004 until 2009 she worked as a designer for men´s and women´s fashion at Kostas Murkudis in Berlin. She has given up her carrer as a bass player in the band „Elektrolochmann“ under the hardcore label Transsolar, with which she has completed four small Europea tours, for marketing her jewellery.

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One day a good-looking young woman walked straight into my shop and took a quick look around. She had two black leather jewelry cases in her hand, which were obviously hand-made of a very special kind of leather. She then approached me and said:"I am from Berlin and I make jewelry, which I would like to show you. It would be awesome if you could sell it here."  My first order comprised practically Inga´s complete current collection.

Her jewelry was just as straightforwardly convincing as she was herself. A combination of silver and gold - put together with a lot of finesse and attention to detail. Looking at the individual piece of jewelry you see, how it was forged, filed, cast or however hand-manufactured on her small work bench in the Berlin neighborhood called "Scheunenviertel". Real hand-manufactured jewelry as it should be. Her message is modern but at the same time antique with reminiscence of historic pieces of jewelry, which is demonstrated by her use of diamond roses as well as hammered, rough surfaces.

I have been offering Inga´s work for sale in Nuremberg for 3 years now. Meanwhile a certain series from her workshop has become a true classic in my shop: the blackened silver chains from the "Fine" series, which she carefully finishes into necklaces and bracelets with a slightly saucer-shaped fine gold plate as a pendant. One side matt - one side polished. At the clasp a small ring of gold between the blackened silver. It´s the small details that make all the difference....

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