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FOUND: "Title of Work" by Jonathan Meizler

I discovered New York based Jonathan Meizler and his brand Title of Work on my last trip to Paris. He was showing a selection of jewelry and exclusive accessories during Tranoi.

His jewelry was one of the few things on this trade fair that immediately caught my eye, since it had this simple and self-confident aura. The kind of jewelry that is uncommon in a very discreet way, and does not need to be explained because it is self-explaining. Something i was not really looking for, but that i needed the moment i saw it. Jewelry you just put on with a pleasant ritual and that immediately becomes a natural part of your personality.
Find all available styles here: objects / jewelry

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FOUND: Micha Peteler Salt & Pepper Eggs

I almost lost sight of him - Goldsmith Micha Peteler from Cologne and his one of a kind salt & pepper eggs. I´ts almost unbelievable that a craftsman, usually working with heavy and rough materials such as gold and silver, had the idea to work with one of the most delicate materials around - a natural egg.

Each pair has one egg with pure gold details and one with palladium details, for not to mix up the salt with the pepper one. To make sure they dont roll off the table, all of them carry rice inside to give them stability and at the same time to make sure the pepper and salt shakes out smoothely. Micha uses a big variety of natural and always untreated eggs from pigeons, pheasants and sometimes from very exotic birds, such as Tinamus from Brazil. And yes, even the green ones are of untreated natural colour.

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FOUND: Hirota Glass

The aburidashi technique, which involves the shaping of glass in a patterned mold to create opalescent-colored designs in the glass surface, is a classic, old-world glass-making technique that enjoyed widespread popularity in Japan during the Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) periods. Hirota from Japan continues this traditional technique.

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FOUND: Meier Bruecher Gloves

What a coincidence! As if they had known...
When i met Monika Bruecher and Patrick Meier for the first time in Paris, they showed me samples of a limited series of gloves for women and men, made of a vintage leather. What a match! The first pieces of a very small selection of their "Made in Paris" gloves have just arrived.

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